Thursday, March 15, 2012

ILZAMAT ki Mar khaney wala akaila Shakhs Imran Khan - Munir Baloach

PML N Paid Bloggers Exposed on with Proof (Must Read)

Kuch Dinoo sey Forum par Buhut Sarey loog yeh Notice kar rahey they yahan par buhut sarey Newbies agaye hain jo IK ko Galiya dey rahey hain aur Nawaz Sharif k Qaseedey ga Rahey hain...

Mien ney Randomly aik Newbie (PML N Shair) ko aik PM(Personal Message) Kiya

Here is the Conversation Between him and me

Aliansari: Bro I also want to do job of Comment Posting in favour of PML N

here is my email address *********** send me details

PML N Shair: I will send this to Ahsan Iqbal through my uncle but please make it confidential or if ur friends also interested....i will inform them also but first month whatever u get i will take half from it

Nawaz sharif zindabaaad

Imran Khan hy bekaaar koi Tsonami nahi aye gi

Aliansari:  yes I will keep it Confidential and please send details and guidelines

PML N Shair: give me some days...........but if u want to make it confirm make ID with PMLn Name and nawaz sharif aur usky khandaan k sary logon ki picutres and tareffaain karna shoro karoo taky main baat karsoonga..........I dont know tum ko kia millay ga magar main ny baat ki hy Sponsership visa k liye UK ka...

Proof Pic 1
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Aliansari:  Ok I am creating an other ID with PML N Name but yaar Pesson ki baat karo na UK ka visa nahien yaar Thanks ID bana k aap ko batata hoon...

PML N Shair: Meri baat hoie thi mery bandy sy too woo kah rhy hian k PML media wally kahty hain k kam sy kam 5 bandy aik sath ain gy tu agay baat hogi. Ye sara PMLn media wallon k hath hy jo Ahsan Sahab Chalaty hain.

Aliansari:  acha aap kitney loog ho?

PML N Shair: hum abhi group by group aty hain abhi hum 5 bandon ka group hy. aur hamain dosry group k members ka nahi patta hotta hy sirf apny group k bandon ka pata hotta hy, Hamary group k dosry bandoon ka main nahi bataonga.

Proof Pic2
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pakistani Media and PTI

I have been noticing from the past few days that Electronic and Print media is spreading news just to demoralize PTI's youth. And I am also noticing that now a days there is more Government (Punjab and Federal) advertisements in News Papers than in past.

Some media persons criticize Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf policies more than ruling parties i.e PPPP, PMLN etc etc. ignoring the facts that Pakistan Tehreek Insaf has never been into any Government. How could you hold Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf responsible for the wrongdoings of the ruling elites ?

If someone joins Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf , media starts yelling that Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf is Musharraf's party but if they join PMLn media starts giving explanations that its their right to join any party. What will you call it ?

If someone from Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf criticizes a media person for yellow journalism then Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf becomes abusers' party BUT if someone from PMLn criticizes media for the same reason they start giving explanations for their being neutral (You can watch yesterdays' Bolta Pakistan, 05-03-12)
"Main Karoon Tou Character Dheela Hai"

Pakistan Tehreek Insaf has constantly been been saying that it will never make any alliance with Musharraf neither will it accept Musharraf into its party but many anchor persons kept saying that Pakistan Tehreek Insaf will make alliance with Musharraf.

Now, when many of Musharraf League people have also joined PMLN, why media is ignoring the point that Nawaz Shareef may also invite Musharraf into the party. Tariq Azeem and Marvi Memon were very close to Musharraf and they can now be used to invite Mushrraf into PMLN.

Pakistan Tehreek Insaf has become talk of the town. Everybody is talking about Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf and it shows how famous Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf has become
. Anchor persons will get rating whether they go for or against Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf.

I just want to tell, Youth and Pakistani people have chosen Paksitan Tehreek e Insaf and they are going to elect PTI's representatives (whosoever he/she is) in upcoming elections

Written by Cool dool